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Spring Love 2004

Hello :-)

Spring love is a quilt I put together in EQ4 and over the years it has been a popular layout.

This quilt is a mixed collection of EQ4 files and some of my own.

If you would like to make the quilt then you can download the file just follow the link and this will take you to a page where you can either open the PDF file in your browser or you can right click on the file to download the file directly to your PC.

I have updated the file and I have re-done the fabric usage by adding meters along with the yards so that you will not need to do the calculations unless you have changed the size of the blocks.

I have also updated the colour key chart so that it is simpler, and I have added page numbers.

This is a free design and is not for sale and has been marked as such.  If you would like to use the quilt for your quilting guild then please let me know and all I ask is that you share the pictures of the work with me :) as well as a mention on the label :)

At the moment I am re-building the Photo Gallery due to a problem of the database that held the files so in the mean time you can email the pictures to me [] }:) Please don't change the subject line as this is what I use to filter the message to the correct mail box on my PC :)

I hope that you like the design and will share your photos with myself and others who visit my website :)
Take care and have a great day and enjoy :) Hugs Dawsie :)

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