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This months BOM is part of a quilt I designed many years ago using EQ2. I was lucky in that I had already converted the file from EQ2 to EQ4 so it did not take much to convert the file to EQ6.

I thought of this file for a couple of reasons :) One my friend has had a her first baby and his name is Lucas and so I thought I would make this for him and two I have had a number of requests for the file :) so I thought why not :)

The first block is called "Cats Tails" and I found it in the library of EQ2. As I have used the same block for the first row of the border this too has been added to the PDF file for you :) along with the two (2) strip borders.

The next border is a block I designed and this is how the quilt gained it's name "Cat's in the Cradle" it really is more of a basket but the name had a better ring to it when I changed "Basket" for "Cradle" :)

This is a design with many points to it :) and as such if you don't like points well umm sorry there is a basket full of points to this quilt :)

The fabrics in the picture are the actual fabrics that I am using for the quilt so this is a good example of what you can do with
Electric Quilt :) I bought the medium and pale blue stripped fabrics and used the white and the firefly fabric from my stash.

As he is a little boy, I have used blues :) I have used pale blue striped fabric and the medium mottled blue are in fact curtain fabric, 100 % cotton. I could not find what I wanted in the normal quilting fabric, But I am a great believer in using all cottons and sometimes silks too for quilting. Just because it is cotton for curtains does not mean you can not use it. This is a great way to tie in both the quilt and the curtains for a room.

Be it striped, plain or even floral any cotton fabric can be used for a quilt, and if you really love a fabric, but it is not cotton jump in with both feet :) I believe in using what you love the most. As long as the quality is there why not :)

I then scanned all but the white fabric and then imported the fabrics into EQ6 so I could use real fabric for the quilt picture generated by EQ6. You just have to love modern technology these days :) it knows how to make life simple :)

The first block I have already made so that I could show you :) just follow the link "
Cat's Tails " :)

If you would like to share your work with myself and others who visit the website then please feel free too :) just follow the link to the
Gallery page :)

Cat's in the Cradle ePattern $22.50 USD (3411 KB)

It can be downloaded from Lulu Publishing just click on the ePattern.

Pre-printed pattern. $35 AUD plus P&H
Australia P&H $5.50
International P&H $9.50

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